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Another 12-hour day at work. Only positive: tasty chocolate chip cookies from Trader Joe's that remind me ever-so-slightly of Grover's cookies, my very favorite cookies in the world. Grover was a friend and coworker of mine in New York, and he made the best goddamn cookies known to humankind. We haven't been in touch since Doug and I moved. He was a clarinetist -- I hope he's got a chair now in an orchestra someplace quirky and affordable.

I thought I'd have a go at this meme that's going around.

Ten references I expect my nearest and dearest to get (at least some of): This is really more accurately a list of things I say all the time without really expecting people to get them, but some of them are pretty well known. I'm leaving out anything from The Princess Bride, 'cause I could easily do a list with nothing but that.

1. But why'd I have the bowl, [name]? Why'd I have the bowl?!
2. I hated her SO ... much, that it... flames, flames, on the side of my face, breathing, breathless ... heaving breaths...
3. What are you, a wizard, a genius? ...You stupid...hotel manager!
4. Close it! Close it! Close it up again!
5. Black eyes, like a dolllll's eyes. [On seeing a very hideous home in Virginia a couple of weeks ago, Doug and I somehow co-paraphrased: "He had a pink a dolllll's house."]
6. You're bastard people, you're just bastard people! [I usually misquote this as "You people are bastard people!"]
7. Smell baaaaaad!
8. Diagnosis? Bad babysitting. [Insert any given word in place of "babysitting," and Doug and I say this constantly.]
9. We'll be reaching speeds of three! [often accompanied by "I could go faster, but I'd have to drop the waxing compound!"]
10. Nojo on the rojo. [This isn't even close to one of the best lines from the source, but for some reason, I say it all the time.]
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