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I saw two movies this weekend. Comments on Superbad aren't really spoilery (if there's such a thing as "spoilery" for a movie like this about high school girls, though.

A story: A coworker, having seen the trailer a few months ago, told me that "the kid who calls himself McLovin" looked like he could be my little brother. This caused me some mild consternation, but for the record -- yeah, while he looks nothing like my actual sister, he kinda does look like he could be related to me. And I did come out of full-on "I suck more than anyone else on Earth" mode, mostly because it's making me feel guilty about people who really have bad things happen to them or accidentally cause bad things to happen.

Did I also mention that while we were waiting for the police to show up, another accident happened at that intersection? The Saab wasn't blocking the intersection, but it was obstructing one lane, so I've lumped on the guilt for that one, too. (Again, thank goodness, no one was hurt.)

So I am a scaredy-pants dork -- thank you for asking. Luckily for me, I was soon back to my old self.

Dr. Cannon never got his urine sample, either. Serves him right.

The preceding story includes a dangerous number of parentheses and run-on sentences. You have been retroactively warned. The author accepts no responsibility for any discomfort or bleeding that may result from use.

I have absolutely no memory of what the thing about the urine sample is about.
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