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Someday, someday, I think maybe I'll learn how to write in a natural voice.
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I saw two movies this weekend. Comments on Superbad aren't really spoilery (if there's such a thing as "spoilery" for a movie like that), but the comments on Stardust are, for both the movie and the book.

Superbad )

There's some space between and beneath these, if you'd like to read one without seeing the other.

Stardust )

I feel just a tiny bit awful for having loved the one I did and not loved the one I didn't.
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Got out of work early today (yay!) and have just finished packing up a few things. The mister and I are heading up to visit his family in Newport News for the weekend. His two brothers and their wives are stationed at/living near the Air Force base up there (although one of my sisters-in-law is in Iraq right now, and I'll be missing her!), and his parents will be up for the weekend, too. One thing is guaranteed: there will probably be a lot of good food and a fair bit of ambling about a mall or outlet stores. I'm hoping there will be some interest in seeing Stardust -- one niece is still home from college for the summer, and I'm pretty sure she'd want to see that -- 'cause I love opening weekends. (This is because I'm crazy.)

Current reading: The Grey King, Susan Cooper
Current knitting: Ravenclaw scarf (Azkaban movie style). I've gotten hung up on figuring out how best to carry a color up the side, which has slowed me down a bit, but I'm hoping to get a bit more done this weekend.
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Oh, so that's it!
ETA: So I'm not cluttering up people's friends pages with empty posts, I may as well report that while I am not currently planning on leaving LJ, I am Looking Into Options. I could go all blah-blah-yakkety-schmackety about reasons, but I honestly don't have any concrete ones. I'm obviously not in danger of deletion or anything like that, but if many of the journals I read up'n'migrate, I'd like to be able to follow.

PS - If anyone else is trying to do multijournal posting with Semagic and having trouble figuring out how, I'd be happy to help -- the instructions posts (at least the ones I read) were a bit confusing.
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A multijournal posting test. I'm not sure I'm doing this quite right.
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Reason #247 I'm so, so, so incredibly sad I wasn't able to go to Comic-Con this year:

A red-faced, embarrassed Neil Gaiman is cuter than a boxful of puppies. Extremely adorable puppies. Wearing little bows. Dammit, the last (and only) time I was at Comic-Con, Neil Gaiman was there, but at the panel I went to, he and Dave McKean just rambled on about how cold it was in a house they were in while working on MirrorMask. I mean, it was still Neil Gaiman, so it was great, but dammit!


Jul. 18th, 2007 10:51 pm
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I'm a dork. Did I mention I'm knitting a Ravenclaw scarf? Not in time for the release, of course, since I'm only just past the first stripe, but still.
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An Essay By Pandonkey, Aged 28

Cut to spare the uninterested )
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Well, I finally got my UK Hot Fuzz DVD in the mail yesterday afternoon! Only 5 days later than it was supposed to be here, but at least it didn't get lost in the ether. Now I'm rationing out the (fortunately ample) special features to make it last. This weekend I'm planning to knit while listening to cast and crew commentaries! And I'm looking forward to it very much indeed. I may be the dorkiest person on Earth, but I'm happy. (With my home life, at least. Work's another story.)
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Well, I'm in Atlanta for a conference at which I feel somewhat out of place. I'm getting some edjimacashun, but I'm clearly not the primary audience, and it makes my "don't belong here" alarm go off. Two more days here, at which I'll get more edjimacashun (and possibly more exhibit hall schwag; that's a nice bonus, especially if I win one of the several hundred iPods they appear to be giving away) and feel more awkward and out of place. In the meantime, I'm watching Flight of the Conchords and contemplating continuing my knitting project.

(Incidentally, I've taken up knitting. Enjoying it quite a bit so far.)

I'll bet this hotel is a lot more fun when DragonCon's here.
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We finished watching Azumanga Daioh tonight.

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We've been drinking White Russians and watching Azumanga Daioh. Yay!
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Penn Jillette

Just slavishly obeying the commands of Neil Gaiman. Nothin' to see here.
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Every day is a little brighter when it includes Animaniacs/Brontë crossovers:

Jane Narf
In any case, after a Mrs. Slappy answered my advertisement in the Dashdashdashshire Herald for a situation as a governess, I mounted the vehicle which was to bear me from the inn to new duties and a new life in the unknown environs of Labcote.

Meanwhile, my boss has recently retired and I've become manager of our wee editorial department. Reflection on the situation always concludes with one thought: huh.

Also, move forward along a course, Gators!
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Is there anything better than waking up to voices on the radio saying the neighboring town's being evacuated because of a chemical fire? Probably only being woken up in the middle of the night and told to evacuate because you've got a toxic gas cloud over your house, actually. So I can't really complain. Actually, it made the commute really easy, since a section of 55 and its major feeder roads were closed, blocking traffic before it got to my stretch. And hey, we(ish) were the main story on CNN and the NY Times front pages for awhile. That's makin' it big time. (Thanks, by the way, CNN, for identifying Apex on the map as roughly somewhere in the middleish of the state of North Carolina. I'm sure that was very helpful for readers unfamiliar with the area.)
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The evening of September 10, 2001, Doug and I walked to the Blockbuster to return some movies. Halfway there, the sky opened up and we got poured on. Doug talked about a scouting trip where it rained all weekend and they'd cleverly thought they'd need nothing for shelter but a lean-to. They got so wet they stopped bothering with their ponchos and just walked in it. That's how it was that night -- we just got soaked and laughed and didn't care. The next morning, it was bright and clear.
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If everyone else jumped off a cliff, I'd be right over that sucker, too. Here are the results of that personality test that's turning up everywhere. )

In the department of slightly more original news, we finally bought living room and bedroom furniture! Finally, we can toss out the old NY sofa and have room for more than 3 people to sit in the living room. And it's going to be very nice to have a dresser of a decent size. Of course, the bedroom stuff won't turn up for 3-4 weeks, and the living room stuff is in limbo while they soup up Doug's recliner (which I plan on stealing whenever the opportunity presents itself) and figure out when they have our sofa in stock. But the part that was taking so long, the picking-it-out part, is finally over, so I'm feeling pretty pleased. I just hope the cat and/or dog doesn't chew it up.
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...I could really do without them.

Aside from that, Doug's home from Cleveland, and now we're packing (not nearly as frantically as we should be) for our camping/whitewater rafting trip this weekend with my sister and her husband. A good time and many mysterious insect bites will be had by all, I think.
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I don't think I could possibly love Stephen Colbert more.